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Lindsey Danielle Northup was born march 3, 1993, the daughter of Lawrence Donald Northup and Leanne Denise Riggs.

Larry Northup married Leanne Denise Riggs on 07 June 1991. They had one daughter, Lindsey Danielle Northup and were divorced in abt 1999. Larry was married a second time to Allison Thomas 10 March 2001. They have two new daughters, Cameron Alyssa and kedall Rae Northup. My Mom is remarried, also. Lindsey Danielle Northup's page is under construction. Please check back for updates.

"Lindsey's Family"

Our Family prior to the Separation

Lindsey Danielle Northup born. March 03, 1993
Daddy, Mom and I with our dogs on Christmas 1997.
For those that do not know, Daddy and Mom separated during the summer of 1998. I live with my Mom, the divorce is final, and both my parents are remarried. Daddy and Allison Thomas were married on 10 March 2001. I have a new sister, Cameron Alyssa Northup and a bran new baby sister, Kendall.
More Pictures
My Daddy's New Family in 2004
My Little Sister, Dancing
Daddy; With Cameron and Me at Christmas; 2002
Cameron and I at Christmas; 2002
Here I am on Halloween; 2002
Here I am on my 15th Birthday
My Cat, Bella and I in 2008.
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